I am guilty of not having been able to get back on to blogging for quite sometime now for various reasons. But not anymore! Being creative with food and coming up with healthy yet delicious food is what I am good at so here s another taken on a burger. Its my baked Brussel Sprouts burgers or kebabs as well call it in India when you stack the veggies up or in a skewer.

BrusselSp1 BrusselSp2



Brussel Sprouts – 6 of the small ones

Red Bell Pepper- 1 medium sized

Indian Cottage Cheese or Paneer chopped into cubes

(One can also substitute it with any firm cheese of their liking like mozarella)

Olive Oil

Salt to taste

Fenugreek leaves for garnish

Fresh coriander seeds ( or you can use coriander powder)


First step– preheat the oven to about 400 degrees.

Second step– Cut the brussel sprouts in half , chop up the red pepper also in triangles so it is stackable.

Chop up the Indian cottage cheese or paneer into cubes.

Third step– Place all the above chopped veggies on a baking pan.















Fourth step– Drizzle with Olive oil and season it with salt by sprinkling over the veggies in the baking pan.


Fifth step– Bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes or so and flip the veggies and bake for another 10 minutes.

You will see the nice char on the veggies and the brussel sprouts turn out to be nicely roasted in the oven.

There is nothing like munching on roasted Brussel sprouts for a snack. It tastes heavenly and delicious.
















Sixth step– Once you take it out of the oven the garnish with some freshly crushed coriander seeds and fenugreek leaves. Now mix well.

I have used a white long plate to plate this dish and have used a red pepper paste that I made at home to add a bit of color to the base of the plate.

Place one half of the roasted brussel sprouts at the bottom, stack the cottage cheese on top, then the triangle of red pepper(i like for it to stick out a bit so the color pops) and lastly cover the top with the remaining half of the roasted brussel sprouts.

You can do as many as you please depending on the number of guests if you are entertaining or keep it small if its for a small family dinner at home.

I hope you will try this and let me know your feedback.

Enjoy this healthy yet delicious bite and I shall be back with more:)