1/4 cup Grated coconut(fresh/ frozen)

2 Ripe mangoes or 1/4 cup Mango puree’

1tbsp cumin seeds

1/4tsp fenugreek seeds(if you have it, this gives such flavor! else u can skip this)

1 Red Chilli 🙂 as per individual spice level(you can take off the seeds if you like less spice)

Nandini’s tip: 1 tbsp Sour cream (my twist to make it creamy and a tablespoon doesn’t hurt-Moderation people:) that’s the key)

1/4 cup low fat or fat free yogurt (you can use greek yogurt for richness/ creamy consistency)

Canola Oil

Salt to taste


Take a pan, add 3 teaspoon of canola oil and to it add cumin seeds, red chilli, salt, fenugreek seeds and grated coconut(fresh or frozen). Saute till coconut starts turning brown. You will definitely know since the flavors will fill up your kitchen:) I promise!

Blend this coconut cumin fenugreek mixture in a blender to a smooth consistency.

Cut your mangoes and take the pulp and puree it. You can also use the store bought mango puree’.

Now transfer the mango puree’ onto a crock pot and start cooking on a low flame till it starts simmering, stirring intermittently.

Whisk up some yoghurt and sour cream in a bowl or put it in a blender and blend it!

Now transfer the blended mixture of coconut paste and the yogurt-sour cream mixture onto the simmering mango pulp.

Check if you have added enough salt at this point. Add more if required and wait till it starts boiling. Your Mango Coconut Soup is almost ready…..

Most importantly, cook this on a low flame so the yogurt sour cream mixture does not curdle so be very patient !

Take a small pan add some oil and add mustard seeds till it sputters. Use this to garnish the final Mango Coconut Soup.

Tranfer to a bowl and enjoy my currylicious Mango Coconut Soup.

Now if you cannot get hold of grated coconut, just use coconut milk instead and works perfect!

For the spicy baked Egg plant:


1/4 Large Eggplant

1 tsp cayenne powder

1 tsp lemon pepper powder

Salt to taste

1/4 tsp Garam Masala

Canola Oil


Chop the eggplant into approximately equal cubes so they cook evenly.

Transfer the eggplant cubes to a baking pan with some oil in it. Add all the spices/ powders on top of the eggplant and mix well so they are evenly coated. Place in an oven at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes.

Spicy Baked Eggplant dish is ready!