It was a while since I made a trip to NY city for brunch relaxing over some cocktails and good food. This time I wanted to look for an all vegetarian restaurant that served no meat and I had plenty choices to pick from. I usually get a list of places when I do my research and narrow it down to the one place that strikes me interesting and I feel the spontaneous urge to try their food.

This time around my eyes caught JaJaJa Plantas Mexicana restaurant located in Lower East Side and Brooklyn. We as a family decided to try the Lower East Side Location. Their website displays “A patchwork of culture, community, and comida threading plant-based eaters to the Mexican palate” every word true to the core.

The venue was very small and packed and when it gets crowded it can take up to 90 minutes of wait time is what I heard. I thought they would take reservations and so called them ahead but was informed that they dont take in any reservations and it was strictly first come first basis. I crossed my fingers hoping there wouldn’t be too much of a wait and decide to make a fun family day trip to JaJaJa !

We arrive and its packed in there and like the others who are waiting in line to give their names for tables we give our names too and request for a table of 4. The hostess informed us that she would take our number and text us and it was a 20 minute wait. She also mentioned that once we receive a text we had to get to the venue by 10 minutes. We decided to wait around as we got hold of a few empty chairs in the waiting area.

We were called in 20 minutes and seated in a nice table. The waiter was awesome and offered the drinks and food menu to us . He also asked us if we had any questions but we already knew what we were getting for drinks- I ordered a Pomegranate Jalapeno drink and hubby ordered a Pineapple y Mezacal both of which were outstanding but I thought the Pomegranate Jalapeno was the winner since we ended up getting 2 of those.

We were so confused what to order as there were plenty of choices to pick from for once:) We decided to order a few different choices from the menu so we can all try and share the plates.

We ordered Verde Enchiladas – green tomato, serrano pepper, palm carnitas, coconut queso, sour cream, Spanish rice.

Maple syrup Kale Pancakes – coconut mango jam and shaved coconut.

Chorizo Burrito – Cauliflower rice, fermented black bean, guacamole, smothered with salsa & sour cream

Buffalo Flower Tacos. I cannot pin point to say I liked one thing over the other. I SIMPLY COULD HAVE LICKED OFF EVERY PLATE:)

Every dish was beyond delicious….

We finally cleansed our palette with Churros with caramel dip and a heavenly Flan which was both gone in no time.

I can swear and I mean it – I swear I can go back to this place again and again to taste the heavenly veganlicious plant based food to JaJaJa……

I give it 5 starts and highly recommend to everyone to go visit.

See you soon JaJaJa……