My Baked Okra Lasagna!


I have been cooking up a storm this last weekend! Why? The reason being………YAY I am one of the Top 36 in Master Chef USA Season 3 &

all my friends have been calling me and wanting to just barge in and see whats cooking in my kitchen:)

Me and my family love one vegetable and thats OKRA!!!! Some of my friends are not huge fans of it so I decided to make something creative yet healthy and currylicious for them so they fall in love with it:)

I made whats called “My Baked Okra Lasagna” – thats right! I baked my Okra after slitting ’em and applying my special curry rub on ’em!

Then I layer it with a curried onion tomato sauce and its ready in no time……This is such a great dish to prepare if you have guests to entertain who are vegetarians!

Slit the okra, apply my curry rub, throw ’em in a baking pan and in goes it for about 20 minutes at 360 degrees! Meanwhile I chop up some onions, garlic and tomatoes real fine and make an onion tomato sauce with my blend of curry powder & spices ….

Take your baking pan with the okra out and stack’ em up one layer of okra and one layer of onion tomato paste!

Absolutely healthy and currylicious….try this out and you will thank me:) for falling in love with “Okra”

One Response to “My Baked Okra Lasagna!”
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