My moments and clicks from Master Chef!

Congratulations to every contestant who made it to the Top 100 ! I was told that there were 50 000 hopefuls who auditioned all over the country out of which they chose the top 100 home cooks. And I feel that in itself is a huge accomplishment:)

The amount of passion that every contestant cooked with was immense and I felt shocked and honored at the same time to compete with everyone.

Last night was epic, a blind contestant Christine, a high school student Samantha, 19 year old Michael Chen and Josh who won the hearts of the judges with his Shrimp Étouffée ! He’s the tallest guy I ever came across 🙂 They have all been awesome friends.
I remember that Kelly had to sit up all night to stitch up her dress that got torn somehow in the sets and she was so upset! She mentioned to me that she hardly got any sleep before her auditions of presenting her Signature Dish before the judges:(
Well I also have to mention Victoria Redstall the lady in red dress who writes about serial killers. She visits all the famous jails and interviews and writes about the lives of Serial killers. I had the most fantastic time chatting with her:) and listening to creepy stories!
(I have clicked a picture with her that I have pasted below so you guys know who she is- the woman in red – Victoria Redstall).

And then there was Jason Maur the attorney who can chop slice and cook! Look for him @maurpowerfoodie!We also saw Scott Little get an apron. Lastly, the single mom – how can I not mention my good friend Monti Carlo and her son DANGER. Being a mom of 2 girls myself, I could immediately relate to her and we connected well. She is a great friend and love that kiddo Danger! She s a great single mom, courageous and with a great sense of humor. “for real, shut your mouth” to Graham Elliot is what won her an apron 🙂

Well it was a great night last night but don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9 pm on Fox to watch yet another fun interesting ride with my inspirational judges Gordon, Graham and Joe Bastianich! Tweet me @Curryliciousme or my official Master Chef twitter account which is #MC3 Nandini Anant to let me know your thoughts!

Well good luck to all the contestants who cook tonight!






2 Responses to “My moments and clicks from Master Chef!”
  1. Tim says:

    Are you allowed to say what you cooked for the judges as your signature dish?

  2. Thanks for the shout out my friend. It really was an amazing experience competing with each and every one of the other top 100.

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