Do you think Samantha deserved an Apron?

Master Chef season 3 airs today June 4th at 9pm on Fox channel and tomorrow Jun 5th as well!

Watch me cook my signature dish tomorrow! Do you think I will get an apron from Gordon, Graham and Joe?

I would love to know what you guys thought about my Signature dishes after you watch the show!

I was blessed to meet some very talented wonderful people at the auditions and I am posting a picture of this person who has become such a good friend of mine. She s none other than Samantha Kate! She s the sweetest girl I have ever met and my roommate! We had such fun throughout the show and I personally thought she should have got an apron:(

Here s a picture of me with Samantha!

Tune in to my blog to view more pictures and interesting stuff from the auditions of Master Chef!


You can see my disappointment and my husband s when Sam didn’t get an Apron. Are you kidding me? That Quadruple Carrot Cake was delish!


4 Responses to “Do you think Samantha deserved an Apron?”
  1. Tim says:

    Even though she didn’t get an apron, it was evident that her young passion for food was there. Growing up around food as I have done, taking the first step of putting yourself out there as a teenage chef is the hardest thing to do, but it is a huge confidence builder when treading in familiar territory once more. I was really happy with the feedback that they gave her, and felt that they were spot on with their advice. With someone so young, and someone with such a vibrant personality, I think they may have said no to preserve her youth for one more year. The whirlwind tours that other MC contestants have gone on, and the rise to fame of young celebrities and musicians can change people. To give her the opportunity to live life for a year as her own young woman and explore all of her passions and newfound post high school experiences, they did a noble thing. If you saw the passion, be a mentor, and help her achieve her dream. As a viewer, I was very impressed with how she appeared on television. She seemed like a really good kid.

  2. Aimee says:

    Thank you Nandini for all your support for Samantha…she enjoyed her MC experience and meeting you made it that much more memorable. We too think Gordon should have given her the apron so she could wow them with her healthy style cooking as well…we know Sammi will continue to cook and grow and always have this amazing experience to build upon. Thanks again for being so good to her in LA!! We can’t wait to watch tomorrow night to see you and your amazing cooking skills and of course your adorable girls. Best wishes to another “young, talented and tenacious” jersey girl lol! Go Nandini!

    • Tim says:

      If you’re related to Samantha, it shows that she’s been brought up with love. With her talent and drive, there are definitely big things coming for her. Thanks for sharing that ray of sunshine with the world. You’ve got something special there.

  3. tich tran says:

    Too bad shw willl never be back again. Did you see the firefighter from last year?! NO!

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