I came across the auditions for Master Chef Season 3- the Open Casting Call at Flatotel in NY back in November 2011. I still remember the day that I had called my husband, who was at work to let him know that I had decided to give Master Chef 3 auditions a shot and he was like” Are you serious”?LOL

I said that I had already pre registered online and knew exactly what I wanted to cook for my Open Casting Call. I made my favorite 2 dishes- My Bell pepper stuffed with Paneer Pasanda(grated Indian Cottage Cheese with colored bell peppers in a creamy sauce) and Punjabi Kadhi with Peas Pilaf!!!!!Yum…

My husband and I woke up at 6 am that Sunday morning and drove to NY city with the kids:) since we live in West Orange, New Jersey! My husband dropped me at the audition and took both our girls to New York  Children’s Museum. I kept calling him to see if the kids were doing alright and little did I know that it was going to be “the most amazing day” that would change my life completely!

I was selected one of the top 100 contestants who made it to the elegant:) “warehouse” for filming MASTER CHEF SEASON 3 with the very famous judges- Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich! It was so much fun to meet such  talented amateur cooks from all over the country and make wonderful friends along way……..

Check out the following link for a sneak peek from the warehouse where we (the top 100 contestants) meet the most amazing food GURUS for the first time ever!!!!! So much excitement and smiles- a day that I will never forget. Such an inspiring talk by the judges-  http://www.tvgrapevine.com/index.php/the-shows/fox/101-master-chef-2012/1116-masterchef-the-best-amateur-cooks


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Till then…..


Love and currylicious dishes from my kitchen to yours!!