Home made Plantain Chips with Mango Salsa & Hot Jalapeno

I was born in the state of Kerala in India. Kerala is in the southern part of India and is know for its beautiful backwaters and greenery! There is one another thing Kerala is well known for- Its Plaintain chips!!!!

My mom always made these crispy plantain chips that me and brother always kept munching on them. And when we had guests over, my mom would reach out to the canister of Plantain Chips and too late to realize- ALL GONE!!!

I have been craving some crispy homemade plantain chips a while now. So I decided to add my own twist to it:)

I love the idea of salt and sweet so paired up home made Crispy Salted Plantain Chips with a Mango Salsa and hot Jalapeno! Enjoy!!!


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