Planning a 5 year old’s Birthday/ Cup Cake Party!

Planning a 5 year old’s Birthday/ Cup Cake Party!

I have not been writing much and the reason being it was my 5 year old’s birthday. She wanted a cup cake party and so I decided to take some time out to plan the event. I wanted the kids to have fun, get messy but also wanted to get creative with the idea.


I decided to order aprons for all the kids and got some foam stickers so they could first decorate their aprons. Once I had the final count, I even wrote each of their names, so it would be fun for them to find their spots and aprons:)


I rented two long tables and a few chairs. My 5 yr old loves Princesses! So I managed to get her Princess table cloths, Princess cups for the cup cakes, Princess Cup Cake stand and list is endless.

I baked cup cakes for all the kids, and filled some bottles with frosting. I got Pink, Yellow, Chocolate frosting for all the kids. I went and got some teeny weeny M&M s, sprinkles, decorations. I got some Tiara candies to top off  each cup cake that the girls decorated and some cup cake shaped candy toppers for the boys.

I got colorful bags for party favors and some cupcake shaped stickers and fruit snacks for all the kids plus they were allowed to take each of  their  aprons that they had decorated.

The party began, the kids came rushing in found their spots and seats based on the names written on the aprons. They first decorated the aprons with stickers, then wore their aprons. Then I gave them each a cup cake that I had baked at home and handed them their favorite color frosting bottle. They needed a bit of a help squeezing the frosting out of those bottles. Thankfully, I had a few moms who were excited to help so it worked out great,

Finally I had all the cupcake decorations in small paper cups for each of them, so noone complained and everyone got messy and completely enjoyed decorating their cup cakes.

We also managed to get a wonderful click with the kids showing their decorated cupcakes before eating them up:) The fun doesnt end there. My 5 year old suddenly the day before her party wanted a BARBIE CAKE! I wanted to order one from the bakery but wasnt prepared to pay through my nose for a barbie cake:(

So- I DECIDED TO DO IT!!!! I must admit, it wasnt easy but it wasnt that hard too. All you needed was to bake 3 differently sized round cakes, trim off their surfaces to get a smooth surface, make a hole in the middle using a cookie cutter so you can insert the doll through it. Finally, smother it with your favorite frosting.

TIP: I coated it with a layer of frosting and placed it in the refrigerator for an hour for it to set before coating it with the second layer of frosting.IMG_2999

Insert the Barbie once you are done with the second layer of frosting and fill any empty spaces with frosting. I also wrapped the Barbie’s body tightly with cling wrap so I can do some decoration over it as well.

I then decorated the Barbie cake with small candied flowers on her so called gown! It was a lot of work but so worth it!!!! The kids were thrilled and wanted a bite of the Barbie Cake as well-(am sure they were high on sugar by the end of it)

They had so much fun and each of them got to take away their aprons home for future use as helpers in the kitchen!

I cant wait to plan the next event/ party!