Personal Chef / Catering Services/ FAQ S

I personally believe that gaining weight or losing weight is easy but to maintain and follow a healthy regiment is the challenge? Get ready to COOK with this MASTER CHEF in my kitchen or yours!


This is such a great idea for Anniversaries for just the 2 of you to sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of wine. We can come to your kitchen and cook up a fantastic healthy yet delicious meal from our special menu! We can create a personalized meal catered to your likes and preferences.


Our extensive menu is designed to cater to a romantic Anniversary party for 2 or we also cater to 20 or more for Birthday parties/ Family Gatherings/ Corporate Dinners – You name it & we will make your event the best one ever! Choose from a menu that is healthy, all natural and vegetarian with a dash of love which makes every dish unique, fun yet delicious for your special event.


One-on-one coaching or Private lessons are the perfect tool that can help you to learn to prepare new dishes. Whether you’re a novice or experienced cook, new to natural foods or expanding your cooking repertoire, we have classes tailored specially for you.
Group Cooking Classes also available where you can bring a group of friends/ family! The more, the merrier to cook:)

Excellent idea for a Girls night Out! Gather all your girl friends and we can cook in your kitchen or mine. Whether you want to pop open a bottle of wine, sit back, relax and watch me cook OR jump in, dice some veggies and help me cook- completely your choice!!! No pressures, simply fun and enjoying a delicious meal with your girl friends one evening is simply our promise to you.
Couple”s Cook Off
A perfect chance for a Husband and Wife to spend some time with each other and have fun while both of you learn and help each other create a spectacular dish with our help in your kitchen or mine!

Kids Birthday Parties

Ideal for kids/ birthday parties where they can come in, get messy without worrying about clean ups!! and enjoy an entire healthy delicious meal at the end of each class:)

FAQ?s on Cooking Lessons, Private Chef & Catering Services

1) Who can hire a Private Chef?

People who are busy and need a wholesome meal ready at the end of a tiring long day when they get back home.

Special occasions like Anniversaries calls for a private chef where you can sit back, relax and enjoy a delectable plate of wholesome, healthy yet delicious food.

2) What occasions do you Cater?

You name it and we will make your event the best one ever!

Birthday Parties where the kids can have fun getting messy and cooking up their favorite dishes. Please send them hungry so we send them with tummies full!!

Weddings where the bride would not worry about calories and fitting into her gorgeous bridal dress/ gown!

Baby Showers where the mom to be gets pampered by our wholesome, nutritious yet fun filled delicious surprises!

Family gatherings where we tailor a menu to individual preferences!

Corporate Dinners where you can choose from an extensive menu!

Choose from a menu that is healthy, all natural and vegetarian with a dash of love which makes every dish unique, fun yet delicious for your special event.

3) How about Cooking Classes?

One-on-one coaching/ Private Cooking Classes is the perfect tool to get you started with preparing new dishes. We also offer Group Cooking Classes that is always fun – the more the merrier! Whether you’re a novice or experienced cook, new to natural foods or expanding your cooking repertoire, we have classes tailored specially for you.

4) Who can participate in cooking lessons and do we get to sample or eat the meal that we cooked?

Excellent idea for a Girls Night Out!

Just gather some girl friends and come in, sit back, relax over a glass of wine. You have the option to watch me cook, and take away my recipe cards with surprise give aways or you can jump in and have a good time helping me dice or cook- your choice- entirely upto you. No pressure- the whole idea is for you girls to enjoy a fun filled evening with delicious yet healthy food that would leave your taste buds asking for more:)

Couple’s Cook off!

A great idea for a husband and wife to spend time together learning to cook some quick recipes which are fun and delicious, yet healthy and wholesome.

Kids Birthday Parties

Your kid enjoys cooking- Well, a perfect birthday gift for your child. Invite his/ her friends and let them “be kids”, get messy and no worries about clean up- Leave that to us! Each one gets a goody bag to take at the end of the Cooking party. Also, please send them hungry so we make sure that their tummies are filled at the end of the party!

5) Do you cook in my kitchen or yours?

Absolutely up to you! Your choice. We are available and skilled to use your kitchen or ours!

6) Do you buy the ingredients or Can I come along?

Again, up to you. We can assist you shop the ingredients you want to pick for a party or you can leave it up to us to shop for you:)

7) What kind of recipes do we cook?

Here’s the fun part ! We have such an extensive menu tailored for every person depending on individual preferences. We offer simple recipes that uses fresh seasonal ingredients BUT would make it look like it took hours to put it together:)

8) What type of Cuisine do you teach?

Our style of cooking is Healthy Vegetarian and Indian Fusion. We use lot of healthy whole grains like quinoa/ bulgar wheat/ cous cous along side with our currylicious Indian Sauces and fresh farm vegetables! We also conduct Kid Friendly Cooking Classes.

9) Can your services be a gift that I could buy for someone?


10) Most importantly, who does the clean up?

Of Course, we do:)))))

No worries, feel free to host an awesome party with us and we would take care of everything including the clean up!!!!

Phew!!!! I hope I pretty much answered all your questions but please feel free to email me at for any other questions!


YOU KNOW WHERE TO CONTACT ME:) —- for all queries or questions!
With much love as always…..

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