My recipe on MasterChef Cookbook Season 3!

              I was so thrilled when I came to know that my recipe is published on this season’s Master Chef Cookbook! What an honor? This is the signature dish that won me 3 yes’s from Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich! It was the Spicy Egg Curry with … Continue reading

“Kitchen Chemistry” by Vidya Pradhan from India Currents

I wanted to thank Vidya Pradhan for a wonderful article. Check this Q and A out at Thanks much for your time!   With much love…

“A Masterchef contestant who wont eat meat”!Guess who that is? ME ofcourse:)

PETA stands for” People for Ethical Treatment of Animals” . I am a huge supporter of PETA simply because I can relate to their message. They promote Vegetarianism and I am one hell of a vegetarian for sure:) Check this article under the living section of PETA’s website about my life story, my Master Chef … Continue reading

Top 24 of Master Chef Season 3! DID I DESERVE TO KEEP MY APRON????

All of you have already heard my story of winning the judges over and the Master Chef Apron! So the next challenge was the beef challenge! We followed the judges into this room and as I am standing in the front row, I could see that our stations for Top 36 are all set up. Behind … Continue reading

Winning a Master Chef Apron from Gordon Ramsay, Graham & Joe!

On June 5th 2012, which was yesterday, the second round of Master Chef Season 3 auditions was telecast on Fox and it was my big day as I was cooking  for the esteemed judges! We invited some of our close family and friends for a Viewing Party and they all came home to cheer and … Continue reading

My moments and clicks from Master Chef!

Congratulations to every contestant who made it to the Top 100 ! I was told that there were 50 000 hopefuls who auditioned all over the country out of which they chose the top 100 home cooks. And I feel that in itself is a huge accomplishment:) The amount of passion that every contestant cooked with … Continue reading

Do you think Samantha deserved an Apron?

Master Chef season 3 airs today June 4th at 9pm on Fox channel and tomorrow Jun 5th as well! Watch me cook my signature dish tomorrow! Do you think I will get an apron from Gordon, Graham and Joe? I would love to know what you guys thought about my Signature dishes after you watch … Continue reading

A sneak peek from the auditions of Master Chef 3 at the warehouse!

I came across the auditions for Master Chef Season 3- the Open Casting Call at Flatotel in NY back in November 2011. I still remember the day that I had called my husband, who was at work to let him know that I had decided to give Master Chef 3 auditions a shot and he … Continue reading

My Mentors and Inspiration!

I have to begin by thanking God to present me with the most wonderful opportunity to be a part of this amazing show called “Master Chef- Season 3” on Fox. It was such an honor to cook for great chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot who are so encouraging. They are my … Continue reading