Buckwheat Banana Bread with Pecan Cream Cheese.

      One of our favorite comfort snack food is Banana bread – my kids love it and its a great way to use up those ripe bananas that you are ready to throw away. We went on a trip recently with a bunch of friends and went to this restaurant that served the … Continue reading

Spinach Soup

  When it gets cold during winter, I love to make hot soups from scratch at home for my family. One of my favorites is the fennel soup that i have already posted in my blog. The next one is Spinach Soup. I know a lot of you would not be excited about spinach 🙂 … Continue reading

Baked Brussel Sprouts Kebabs or burgers

I am guilty of not having been able to get back on to blogging for quite sometime now for various reasons. But not anymore! Being creative with food and coming up with healthy yet delicious food is what I am good at so here s another taken on a burger. Its my baked Brussel Sprouts … Continue reading