CPK Guacamole!served with tortilla chips

CPK Guacamole!served with tortilla chips

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Its been snowing all day, and I never complain since those are the days I spend some quality time with my husband and kids. I think the snow storm compels everyone to be bound home for safety, roads get nasty also so we all rather stay home safely unless it is something really important!!!

What a nice compelling way to bond with family? LOL! Today is such a day- my husband ended up working from home and he ‘s always attending calls and in meetings all day long. I decided to start the day late with brunch. So the menu was Homemade Waffles with Strawberries and syrup with powdered sugar dusting like the snow!!!! Then I made my husband’s favorite masala scrambled eggs with toast.

We watched a movie together and now its dinner time! I decided to recreate the Guacamole that is served with tortilla chips at California Pizza Kitchen under the Short eats menu for 5$. I have to be honest- I simply love it and am left craving for moreeeeeeeeeeeee.

I checked my refrigerator and had all the ingredients to recreate the recipe and the will, ofcourse:) so decided to go for it!



Jicama- 1/2

Red/ Orange Bell Pepper-1/2

Black beans- 1/4 cup



Sweet Corn- 1/2 cup

Lemon Pepper- 1/2 tsp

Garlic powder-1/2 tsp

Cumin powder-1/2 tsp


Black pepper coarsely ground powder- 1/4 tsp

Cilantro leaves for garnish


I start by dicing Onion, Jicama, Bell pepper finely. I use frozen sweet corn, so I let water boil and thaw it by letting it sit in the boiling water for about 5 minutes or so. After 5 min’s, transfer the corn to a bowl of cold water. Then I take a bowl, peel the avocado skin, take all the avocado pulp and transfer in the bowl. I add all the spices, salt to taste and mix it as I mash the avocado well to incorporate all the ingredients together. Then I squeeze half a lemon and mix the lemon juice with mashed avocado. Add diced onions, jicama, bell pepper, jalapeno. Mix well. Transfer the corn and black beans at this point. Mix again and garnish with cilantro leaves. Enjoy!

Let me know if you liked this recipe.

Thanks and as always with much love from my kitchen to yours……

Cooking for a wonderful group on Superbowl Sunday!

Cooking for a wonderful group on Superbowl Sunday!

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I know that everyone was excited about the Superbowl yesterday and today is of course the discussion day about last evening ‘s game!

Well, I had an interesting time yesterday evening not watching the Superbowl but cooking for a group of wonderful people who got together to watch the game.

Debbie had called me a few days back and left me a message saying it was last minute and that she was planning on having me cook some delicious appetizers for game night. She wanted to see if I was available to cook for a bunch of  her friends who were gathering at her place to watch the Superbowl yesterday evening. When I called Debbie, I was so thrilled to know that she and her girl friends were going on a trip to India and so she wanted me to make some Indian Appetizers so they can enjoy them while watching the game. So we came up with a Menu Plan and I promised to get her place at 5:30 pm with all the ingredients and grocery.

I shopped all morning yesterday, getting prepared for the evening’s cook off. I was very excited and reached Debbie’s place at 5:30pm. Words simply cannot describe how nice she and her husband are, and the beautiful house they have. They were such wonderful hosts and made me feel so welcome and at home. The kitchen was spectacular and Debbie was so kind to get me whatever I needed- like pots and pans and bowls and spoons. One by one, the guests started arriving. I started organizing and prepping. There were about 14 people altogether and a bunch of 7 beautiful girls who hung out with me in the kitchen chatting and asking me about India and the food.

The menu that we planned was:

Chickpea Salad with grated coconut, cumin and cilantro

Cocktail Papads with Onion tomato cilantro and chat masala

Crostini topped with baked eggplant

Bite sized Quesadillas with an Indian twist

I must say that as I put forth every single dish- everyone was so appreciative and gave me feedback on each dish. When you work with such a group of people, who tell you exactly what they liked about the dish and want to know about what goes in their food, there is nothing more rewarding than that.

My guess is they liked the Crostini with the baked eggplant the most:) I leave it to them to comment:) if I am right.

The evening was perfect and I enjoyed cooking for such a warm, welcoming beautiful group of people. I look forward to going back there like Debbie mentioned to cook some dinner parties for her in future.


With much love….